Icelandic light

Are you looking for a lamp that is more showy than practical? Check out Kjartan Oskarsson from Iceland. Kjartan has been doing a lot of interior, furniture, and lighting-design projects in the past 16 years.

Customized swimwear

When I'm not blogging about creativity and handicraft on Note This (which is unfortunately not that often - sorry!) I am creative myself.

Galactic sculptures

‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’… These are the words that sprung to me the first time a saw Takuca’s ceramic artworks.

KANT [ˈkanˀd] is the Danish word for edge.

KANT is the Danish word for edge. The name of the brand says it all: KANT is about edges, unconditionally. From the raw yet refined jewellery to the purpose and story behind.

Dreamy mirrors mobiles

  The danish design studio Elkeland’s centers around silence, solitude an slowness. Not long ago I discovered her dreamy designs at a local designers market and instantly knew I needed to own at least one of her works.

Ilona van den Bergh

Do you need some ideas for some beautiful christmas presents? Check this Belgian ceramicist - Ilona van den Bergh - who still creates ceramic by hand.


Do you need a bling-bling object in your home? The Antwerp-based interior label ‘LaLouL’ is creating lighting and objects - with wow-effect.

Reuseable gift wrap

Kula is gift wrap made in a material that can be foldet over and over again - without looking messy with white lines like normal gift wrap.

Stilhed i stuen

"Stilhed i stuen" is danish and can be translated into "Silence in the livingroom". The Danish girl Stine Munk Jørgensen makes the most crazy, cute, funny, imaginative and weird paper collages/decoupage.

Note This

A creative playground

Note This a playground and outlet of creativity, art and good craftsmanship. We center our attention around smaller brands that do something extraordinary. Art and design often requires good craftsmanship, whereas creativity can excel without anything but pure creative thinking. The projects, designer and artist that we explore fulfils one or more of those philosophies.

We are always on the scout for more for interesting projects, and appreciate to get tips from our followers. Let us know if you’ve seen something we should know about.